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Cookie Exchange Ideas and Helpful Hints

RECIPES: Ask each participant to email a copy of the recipe to you and they can be emailed to everyone who requests it after the event. This is a real time saver for both the participant and the organizer. This also assures that each person brings a different type of cookie.

AMOUNT: Some like a big exchange and most cookies can be doubled bagged and frozen. I usually request they bake 4 dozen - that's only 2 batches, not too overwhelming. You are not then spending all day baking, nor are you taking up all your freezer space.

TASTING TABLE: I explain that 3 dozen will be in the "exchange" area and 1 dozen will be on the "tasting table."

BRING A CONTAINER: Remind participants to bring an empty container or tray to fill with the cookies they choose at the exchange.

BUSY MOMS: If you have very busy mom's, you can have the exchange at the beginning (it usually only takes about 10 - 15 minutes to exchange). Others could stay to visit. It's sometimes fun to have a cooking demonstration of some type afterwards and then socialize.

TIME: Let participants know the first 10 minutes will be set up time and the exchange will take place immediately after. They won't want to be late and miss a chance to leave with a variety of cookies.

One Month Before the Party
• Call your friends to collect RSVP's if they have not yet responded.
• You could choose a theme, but it turns out great even without one. Be sure and ask your friends what they plan to bake to avoid duplicates. Twenty dozen chocolate chip cookies does not make for pleasant variety.
• Decide on treats and drinks to serve at the party, and if you wish, ask friends to bring some of the appetizers. You might just decide to exchange 3 dozen and have the 4th dozen on a tray to taste - perhaps just cut into smaller pieces. That way each can decide if they want to use the recipe in the future.
Three Days Before the Party
• Bake your cookies and store them in an airtight container or freeze them. (You'll need to defrost the cookies before serving them.)
• Begin decorating the house.
• Gather any tablecloth, napkins or tableware necessary for the party.
• Begin making appetizers that freeze or store well.
• Select background music that you would like to have playing during the party.
• Write out a rough schedule for the party. You want everyone to socialize, but still have time to pack up cookies during the exchange.
One Day Before the Party
• Finish making appetizers and drinks.
• Arrange furniture for the party.
• Set up the cookie-buffet table; it should hold a large variety of cookies and be accessible by more than one person at a time.
• If you have cake stands or other tiered serving trays, use them--dishes at different heights add drama to the buffet.
The Day of the Party
• Arrange food and drinks.
• Fix up any last-minute decorations.
• Heat water for hot cocoa or herbal tea, put on some festive attire and get ready to party

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